Stagnation in a small circle

X-rays are presented: chest and abdominal cavity of the dog in BL (left and right) and VD projections in DICOM format.
The quality of the images is satisfactory. A marker is mixed up on the vD projection. Snapshots review. The area of interest is the chest cavity.

No bone and joint abnormality was detected on the x-rays performed.
The soft tissues have not been changed.
The dome and legs of the diaphragm are clear, smooth. BL X-rays are made on exhalation, VD - on inhalation.
Trachea: The boundaries are clear. The bend has not changed. The gap is uniform. The angle of the trachea is about 11 degrees - significantly reduced.
Heart: The boundaries are clear. The shape is round-oval. There has been an increase in heart chambers more at the expense of right-wing departments. Cardio-thoracic index about 60% (increased). The Bukenen ratio is 11.5-12.2 - increased. The main vessels are not differentiated.
Lungs: THE NL projection is performed on exhalation (for better interpretation of parenhima lung shots taken in the inspirator phase of breathing is preferable). Pulmonary vessels are poorly differentiated. The size of the lung fields is normal, data for atelykthasis is not received. The transparency of the lung fields is reduced, which is more pronounced in the root area. ABV differentiation in cranial lobes is not possible, bronchi are shifted dorsally on the right NL projection .In the left NL projection is a characteristic sign of "swallow tail". In the VD projection the increase in the bronchial angle. (may be a sign of an enlarged left atrium).
There were no signs of nodules or focal formations of more than 3 mm on the x-rays presented.
The lymph nodes are not enlarged, not differentiated.
The esophagus is not visualized.
Abdominal cavity: flatulence of thin and thick departments.

Expert opinion: Cardiopathology should be excluded by performing ECHO KG. There is a high probability of developing pulmonary edema with pronounced stagnant events.

Publish Date: 27.01.2020

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