Cardiovascular failure

X-ray quality: 2 L.r vd projection is made using a fixing pillow.

exposure modes review, respiratory phase: on the breath.

X-rays determine:
Soft tissues: not changed, fatness is average.
The bone-joint device corresponds to age. Changed 7 thoracic segment (possibly an old injury)

Dome of the aperture: smooth, clear, with no signs of deformation and integrity violations.
Shadow of the trachea: unchanged

Hearty silhouette: oval shape, with uneven boundaries, defined by the shadow of the heart ,
VHS 8 (n'7.8) , cardiothoracic index
Aorta: 1.80cm is clearly revealed, position and diameter is not changed.
Caudal hollow vein: 7.8mm is clearly revealed, position and size not changed.
Cranial mediastinum without signs of pathological changes.
Pulmonary fields: transparency is preserved, size is preserved, pulmonary pattern has amplification of alveolar pattern with blackening bronchus 1 and 3 order, there are signs of bronchospasm
Stomach. Plenty filled with heterogeneous contents with X-ray small inclusions. Size 80mm X 40mm
The intestinal proximal part of the small intestine is pnevmatic with enlarged lumen and local small inclusions (bones?)
The thick section is filled with callotheus masses
Right kidney bean-like 3.5 x 2.6
Left kidney bean-like 4 x 2.7
Urinary filled with 50x30mm

Darkening of bronchus with signs of bronchospasm (may be characteristic of self-disease of the lungs)
The second shadow of the heart (may be an artifact of the picture) (may be signs of sweating in the heart cap)
Digestive. (it is possible, violation of the evacuation of the stomach, strengthened peristalsis of the thin department )

Recommendations: To carry out a diagnosis on the respiratory profile (ifah-pcr) echo of the heart, ultrasound of the gastrointestinal.

Publish Date: 27.01.2020

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